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Brian Rudderow from Tactical Investing Inc.

Sell Houses Fast in Colorado Springs, CO

Tactical Investing Inc. © is a family-owned house flipping operation whose motto is "the truth no matter what"...and when you contact us you will be speaking directly with the owner Brian. We are passionate real estate investors that pride ourselves on our candid ability to be 100% upfront and honest with each and every single client. We work with struggling homeowners on a regular basis to help them avoid foreclosures and get out of upside-down properties before those problems can completely ruin their finances. If you need to sell your property quickly, contact us today. We buy houses fast for cash throughout the area.

How It Works

Interested in selling your property today? Here’s how it works:
Contact Us With Information About the House You Need to Sell
Let us know you are interested in selling your home. We’ll schedule a walkthrough at your convenience.
Step 1
We Will Meet With You to See Your Property
We come by to see the house so we can evaluate it and make a competitive offer on the property.
Step 2
Sell Your House Immediately or When You Are Ready
We can close as soon as you accept the offer. If you need a little time, we can match your pace.
Step 3
Sell My House Fast Colorado Springs
At Sell My House Colorado Springs our goal is to make selling your house as fast and easy as possible. You don’t have to deal with realtors, listings, showings, or any other hassle.
We Make It Easy

There is no simpler way to sell your house for fast cash in Colorado Springs. You get an offer no matter what, and it comes with absolutely no obligation. When you do decide to sell, you get major benefits.

If you have been thinking "I need to sell my house fast in Colorado Springs" then give us a call and get a risk-free quote today. We'll schedule an appointment for one of our home buying experts to come out and inspect your property and make you a fair cash offer in less than 24 hours and then once we agree on a price and sign the contracts we schedule the closing for a date that is convenient for you. We cover all closing costs so you don't have to pay anything out of pocket when you sell your house to a flipper in Colorado Springs.
You Don’t Have to Pay for Home Repairs
We buy homes as-is. You don’t have to pay for repairs or spend energy sprucing up the place to help it sell.
No Commission Fees for Realtors
We buy houses directly. You get the entire price that we offer. None of it has to be shared with realtors or other parties.
You Can Stay in Your Home After Closing
We will work with you to create a move-out schedule that works for you. We can close now and give you time to move after. Our goal is to save you time and money. Skipping closing costs, realtor fees, and last-minute repairs all translates to more money in your pocket.
At Sell My House Colorado Springs, we buy houses for cash every day so we know how to make the process of selling your house easy. We’ll help you avoid repair costs and realtor fees and put more money in your pocket.

Compare Your Options

Selling through an agent vs selling to Sell My House Colorado Springs

  • Selling With An Agent

  • Sold to Our Team

Realtor Fees?
6% on average is paid by you, the seller
Who Pays Closing Costs?
2% on average is paid by you, the seller
NONE – We pay all costs
Inspection & Financing Contingency?
Up to 15% of sales fall through
Appraisal Needed?
Yes, sale is often subject to appraisal
NONE – We make cash offers
Average Days Until Sold?
+/- 91 Days
Number of Showings?
It Depends
1 (Just Us)
Closing Date?
30-60 +/- days after accepting buyers offer
The date of your choice
Who Pays For Repairs?
Negotiated during the inspection period
NONE – We pay for all repairs

What Do You Have to Lose? Get Started Now!

We are active and buying houses in Colorado Springs today. Our service is tailor made to make a home seller's decision easy. Take the time and space to make sure you’ve made the right choice, and schedule the home selling process around your convenience. It’s your home — sell it on your terms.

If you need to get a cash offer fast in Colorado Springs, or if you want an easy sale, contact one of our knowledgeable representatives and set up a walkthrough. You get a no-obligation offer that you can accept or refuse on your timeline, so there is absolutely nothing holding you back.

Ready to get started?

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve listed some frequently asked questions, but feel free to reach out to us for more information.
1. Are you buying my house or listing it for sale?
We are purchasing your house directly. We will make you a cash offer, and if you accept it, we will handle the closing procedures. We’re not pairing you with a buyer. We are the buyers.
2. How do you determine how much my house is worth?
We use industry-standard methods to evaluate a house. We compare the design of the house to the neighborhood it is in and adjust for any needed repairs. We factor in current market conditions to make a personalized offer.
3. My house is in bad condition. Will you still buy it?
Yes. We buy houses as-is. The condition does not matter. We will still buy the house. We factor in the cost of repairs when we walk through the home.
4. Can you help me avoid foreclosure?
Yes. We can process the sale in as little as two days. If you have two days left before foreclosure, we can buy the house, and you can settle the mortgage.
5. How late is too late to stop foreclosure?
In Colorado, you can reinstate at any point until noon the day before the house is auctioned. The lender has to give you at least 110 days of notice before the official sale date. If you want to resolve the default at the last minute, you have to file a notice of intent to cure at least 15 days before the sale happens. In shorter terms, if you provide notice at least 15 days before the sale, you have until noon the day before to finish paperwork and get money to the lender.
6. Why is this better than selling through an agent?
Selling to us is much faster because we skip listings and loan discussions with the bank. You get to pocket the money that would normally go to a realtor, and you don’t have to make any last-minute repairs. Most importantly, we handle all of the closing fees.
7. What is the best website to sell your house?
The best website to sell your home to would be the investment company that you feel the most comfortable with and you feel a personal connection with. Avoid shady investors that you don't get a trustworthy vibe from and go with someone that you can sense is telling you the truth.
8. Is it worth doing your house up before selling?
This is a personal choice that only you can make but we can help you make that decision by providing you with an as-is quote on your home to let you know exactly how much you can expect to get when you sell quickly for cash to a real estate investor.
9. How do I sell my house in one day?
This unfortunately is impossible, however, we have been able to execute closings in as little as 7 business days. The reason that it takes this long is that even if we agree on a price today, we still would have to sign the contract and send it over to the title company where they will have to run a title commitment report to see if there are any liens or encumbrances on the home.
10. How can I sell my house fast without paying closing costs?
The best way to sell your home quickly without paying any closing costs is to contact a local real estate investor in the area to get a free quote on your home. This will allow you to determine whether or not selling to a home buyer is the right choice for you.

Cities We Service

  • Black Forest, CO
  • Cascade-Chipita Park, CO
  • Cimarron Hills, CO
  • Colorado Springs, CO
  • Cripple Creek, CO
  • Ellicott, CO
  • Fountain, CO
  • Fort Carson, CO
  • Gleneagle, CO
  • Manitou Springs, CO
  • Monument, CO
  • Palmer Lake, CO
  • Security-Widefield, CO
  • Stratmoor, CO
  • Woodland Park, CO
  • Woodmoor, CO